home_imageAt Balgowlah Preschool our philosophy is based on the belief that parents and staff can work together to provide the best foundation for the growth and well being of each child.

With the knowledge that the families we work with come from many cultures and walks of life we provide for the needs of not only the child but also the needs of the family within our child care centre.

Our priority is to compliment the family structure wherever possible. As children come to us with unique patterns of living, learning and loving, we as Early Childhood Educators value and protect these differences while maintaining a co-operative group consciousness and spirit.

We are sensitive to the individual needs, habits, routines and levels of development of each child. These are accommodated for to the best of our ability in a comfortable and non - competitive environment Children are free to express their ideas and thoughts and feel comfortable to ask questions, make decisions, solve problems, talk and show their emotions freely. .We implement inclusive practises in the centre to support the involvement of children with additional needs in the program.


With the awareness that children spend as much as 8 hours a day in our child care centre we provide a setting in which:

  • Children are able to develop trusting and secure attachments with their caregivers in a safe and relaxed environment.
  • A stimulating environment provides a variety of experiences that enable children to feel safe, successful and challenged.
  • Parents can feel comfortable to ask questions, watch, participate and come to value what is happening.
  • Social and cultural values of families are respected and encouraged. Children are encouraged to feel good about their individuality and respect difference in their peers.
  • Theoretical and observational knowledge of child development is used in all planning program evaluation, and developmental records.

Available space, Age and Developmental capabilities are used as criteria in allocating placements for children. Within each section there are specific tasks and goals established for the children by staff and parents. We believe these can be achieved by fostering the following:

  • Children can have the freedom to play at preschool with a variety of materials, with their peers, and with their thoughts. In playing they are learning. Play is a child's work.
  • Children can extend their skills - physical, social, emotional, language, intellectual and self help skills in a non formal teaching situation.
  • We value children developing at their own individual rate and share their sense of satisfaction at new skills acquired.
  • Children are encouraged to express all the emotions including anger and frustration and are helped to deal with them in a positive manner - not hide them.
  • At Balgowlah Preschool we provide meaningful play which maintains a balance between structure and spontaneity : that establishes developmentally appropriate expectations for the children and assists them in self achievement rather than teacher directed achievement.