What is the best way to prepare children for school?

preparationEducational trends are showing that more emphasis is being given to preparing children emotionally and socially for school rather than academically. The continuity of children's experiences and the preparation for the changes school brings are most important.

Listed are some of the areas we focus on at Preschool and is also a guide in determining whether your child has the necessary skills to allow for a smooth and stress free transition to School.

Social skills: Skills that facilitate friendships and participation in a large group

Does your child?

Motor skills: Motor skills include both large muscle co-ordination and fine motor muscles such as those found in the hand

Does your child know how to?

Self-help skills: Skills that allow the child to care for their primary needs independently

Does your child:

Communication skills: Skills that allow children to become effective communicators, including speaking and listening

Does your child:



Cognitive skills: Skills that form the foundations of academic learning

Can your child:




Physical well being: A child's primary physical needs must be satisfied before they can focus on learning

Does your child:


Emotional skills: A positive attitude towards themselves and learning

Is your child:

Fine motor skills: Holding a pen and writing

Is your child:

What the centre will do?

At Balgowlah Preschool, during the year we will begin to talk about school and introduce a transition program for children going to school. Working in partnership with families, the centre will work out a transition plan which incorporates each child's individual needs.

The transition program will involve a range of activities and experiences to help provide a 'continuity of experience' for children.

Experiences could include:


Activities will focus on preparing children emotionally and socially for the changes encountered when going to school rather than preparing them academically.