It is state legislative requirement that programming be individually based for children 2 to 5 years old.

toysChildren in early childhood learn best through play. It is a natural medium for learning as a child and it is accepted that the process of play creates the main vehicle for the child's development. Activities which enable the child to experience free choice, decision making, sustained involvement, trial and error and success in a free and structured play environment are provided by staff.

Carers are required to explain to parents in both a formal and informal way, the value of play and to reassure them of the importance of the process of play rather than the end product.The programs for Balgowlah Preschool will be developed in accordance with the centre philosophy.

Source: Children's Services Regulation 2004, under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998. NCAC (Quality Improvement and Accreditation System)

General principles :

  • It is the responsibility of all primary caregivers to be involved in the planning process. Trained staff are to oversee and support fellow carers in an effort to provide comprehensive records, observations, programs and evaluations.
  • It is the responsibility of trained staff in each section to ensure the equipment provided is age appropriate and meets the objectives of the learning experience.
  • When sharing an environment carers need to ensure that they pack away any equipment that may be dangerous or inappropriate for the next group using the room.
  • Programming is individually based using the " Portfolio " system. We encourage parents to contribute to their child's portfolio.
  • Programming is done weekly and evaluated regularly. It should promote the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development of each child.
  • Observation of individuals are done regularly by primary caregivers, and are used as a basis for programming.
  • The child care centre will maintain individual Developmental records designed to chart each child's progress. Records will be updated at 6 monthly intervals.
  • Long term objectives will be stated in each developmental update and will be used as a guide for individual programming.
  • Individual developmental records will remain the property of the teacher but a copy is to be left at the centre to ensure continuity. All children's files will be stored in a locked cupboard.
  • Activities which provide children with opportunities to guide their own learning and contribute to their emotional and social development, with particular emphasis on self esteem, self confidence and self discipline, will be provided.

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